Get a short URL of your long URL GetAshortURL.Com

Shorten your big links, simplify, track, manage and share them.


GetAshortURL is a url shortening service to reduce a long link or url. You can use our tool to shorten links or simplify them or shrink them and then share them. Also you can get traffic statistics like click counts, from where and other information.


50 urls and 50 hits so far...

  • We have several short domains to make a short url of your long one.
  • We offer usage graph with advanced features.
  • We offer custom domain integration with your account to short your url and have your signature.

What are We Offering?

Easy to Use

Our Service is very easy to use. Just paste and press enter.


We use fast algorithm with cutting edge technology in the backend to give robust support.


Short urls are backed by Secure Sockets Layer. Also you will be able to rate limit and limit access to the url in premium package.


We are backed by cutting edge backend architecture to ensure error free service and data integrity.


You can have idea about the urls access statistics like click count, referers etc.


We provide premium package with customizable options like brands keywords, use custom domain etc.